Neymar is possibly the best player in Europe

There are times when you are covering the statistical side of football where your mind is absolutely blown, whether that is because there is a number that just doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense or an equation that defies reality. This is one of those moments, and it is the latter. It involves Paris St-Germain’s brand new superstar, Neymar, who has achieved something rather amazing in the Champions League. 

PSG made German giants, Bayern Munich look as though all of their football skills had been kidnapped and they were facing the doom of finding another day job. The French club were incredibly good, and as you could probably expect given who we are talking about in this piece, Neymar scored along with Dani Alves and Edinson Cavani. His involvement in PSG’s victory meant that the Brazilian has played a direct hand in 40 goals over the course of 42 Champions League games.

To break that down a further, it works out to be a total of 23 goals for both Barcelona and PSG, and 17 assists, which is more than any other player since Neymar moved to Europe four years ago. That is certainly value for money, even if that money is more than what we could earn over multiple lifetimes.

Neymar has already scored twice in the Champions League this season and has matched that in the assists category. He averages roughly four shots per game and maintains a pass accuracy of 70%, some impressive figures considering PSG have only played twice thus far. In terms of Ligue 1 it is also a healthy return. The Brazilian has entertained his new adorers with four goals and four assists, and about four shots per match-up as well. These are the sort of numbers that make managers drool with excitement and envy, while from a neutral perspective it is an absolute Hollywood blockbuster without the cheesy love story crammed in.

Although, Paris is the city of love, and they are certainly infatuated by Neymar. But to be blunt, it is certainly warranted because what the Brazilian has achieved since leaving Santos for Barcelona initially, is staggering. He is arguably Brazil’s most exciting prospect in recent years, and at just 25 there is a long way to go and an almighty amount of potential left to fulfil. PSG weren’t just paying for a superstar player, they were investing in a trophy winner, someone who will only develop and during that growth reward their deep pockets with silverware. In return, that delivers these amazing moments for us when we are scrolling through the numbers.

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