All the drama of playing against an old club

Manchester United eventually ripped through Everton to remain at the top of the Premier League, while Everton were to left to lick their wounds. None more so than Wayne Rooney who visited Old Trafford as an Everton player, whereas Romelu Lukaku has seemingly moved on and forgotten all about the Toffees. How did both players perform against their former employers? 

Well to give you a brief summary, Rooney was well received by everyone at Old Trafford and played a key role in the good parts of Everton’s defeat, coming close to scoring on a couple of occasions. Lukaku on the other hand, earned himself some bad blood among the Toffees’ faithful after the Belgium celebrated his fifth Premier League goal for Manchester United since leaving Merseyside over the off season. That is the gist of it in a nutshell, but we know you are craving another handful of that nutty mix, so please go right ahead.

Wayne Rooney

We will start with the club legend, and Everton golden boy. Rooney has made a huge impact for the Toffees this season, adding a level of experience and class above what was previously available, while his deadly ability in front of goal has yielded two goals for his new club. He is not quite hitting the heights we saw when he initially left Everton, but there is no understating the extra polish he has brought this time round.

His display against Manchester United was hardly breathtaking, but he did cause them problems in front of goal.

  • Goals: 0
  • Shots: 2 
  • Passing acc: 67%
  • Take-ons: 67% 
  • Aerial duels: 50% 
  • All duels: 40% 
  • Dispossessed: 3

Romelu Lukaku

Where do we start with Lukaku? He scored 25 goals for Everton last season, but he is already on a fast track to smashing that with the Reds Devils. The goal he scored versus Everton was his fifth as we mentioned earlier, but it follows on from a midweek goal in the Champions League against FC Basel, bringing his total tally to six. He only has 19 more goals before he surpasses his total from last season, if anyone has put some money on that now is the part you begin to grin. Everything else he has produced for Manchester United has also been of the highest quality, leading us to believe this will undoubtedly be the Belgian’s best year in the Premier League, especially if Chelsea miss out on PL glory.

Against Everton though, Lukaku was a little quiet in certain periods, but he did come alive in the closing quarter of an hour.

  • Goals: 1
  • Shots: 4
  • Passing acc: 69% 
  • Take-ons: 0% 
  • Aerial duels: 50% 
  • All duels: 25% 
  • Dispossessed: 3

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