Are Liverpool better in Europe or England?

Liverpool have returned to the Champions League following their victory against Hoffenheim at Anfield. The Reds ran out 4-2 victors on the night, and 6-3 on aggregate. Were these two performances better than their efforts in the Premier League? 

Obviously, this won’t be a direct comparison, rather than apples to apples it’s closer to apples and oranges. The personnel has been slightly different for each game and the opposition as well. Despite this, Liverpool still play the same style of football, and we should be able to grasp where their performances have been stronger.

Premier League

We will start with England, and Watford, where Liverpool blew a lead to record a 3-3 draw. Their second match-up was a better display, and it earned the Reds an important 1-0 win against Crystal Palace.

Below is a tally of both results:

  • Goals: 4
  • Goals conceded: 3
  • Shots: 37
  • Shots on target: 18
  • Shots conceded: 13
  • Passes: 1189
  • Tackles: 44

Champions League

Liverpool managed to beat Hoffenheim at home, a feat that the likes of Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich were unable to achieve last season. The Reds then backed that up with a better performance in the second leg, and well, now they are back in the Champions League.

You should understand how this works now:

  • Goals: 6
  • Goals conceded: 3
  • Shots: 21
  • Shots on target: 18
  • Shots conceded: 16
  • Passes: 820
  • Tackles: 8

The bottom line

Rather surprisingly, Liverpool have performed better in the Premier League, even though their displays in both Champions League encounters looked better, at least on face value.

The Reds seem to create and have more shots in England, however, their ability to convert these chances is less impressive than efforts in Europe. Why? Well, it could be because the Champions League qualifiers is a knockout competition and there is more pressure to go after the results than what there is the PL, but in saying that, Liverpool should be going after sides like Watford and Palace.

Defence has been a problem area for the Reds for quite some time, and regardless of the competition that is evident. They copped six goals in Europe and have already copped 4 in the PL. That is 10 goals in four games, not the best return.

Finally, there is quite a margin between the passing. There is significantly more in England’s top tier. Again, this could be because the result in the Champions League gets you through to the next stage. It could also be a personnel thing. Emre Can didn’t play against Crystal Palace, and in the German’s absence James Milner took his place. Arguably a more defensive and grounded midfielder.

What competition do you think Liverpool has performed better in?

*Bold indicates the higher stat 

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