Can Arsenal bounce back against Bournemouth?

For the better part of the past decade Arsene Wenger’s position as Arsenal manager has been under scrutiny. So it’s no surprise the Frenchman knows how to handle these situations. As the club prepare for their match against Bournemouth this weekend, they are facing the prospect of three consecutive defeats, basically, the Gunners need things to go their way. Fortunately for them, they actually fare quite well after losing two straight matches.

Arsenal have been in this situation 27 times in Arsene Wenger’s two decade long tenure and they have been victorious 20 times, drawn four times, and have only lost three times since 1996.

It happened three times last season, and all occasions Arsenal manged to avoid three straight defeats with a 1-0 win, a 2-0 win, and a 2-2 draw. Before that season, Arsenal only lost consecutive matches three times in four seasons.

Arsenal have never lost four straight matches in the league under Wenger but are two weeks away from that potentially happening. In 2009-10 the Gunners lost back-to-back matches four times but avoided losing three matches in a row. The last time that happened was in January 2012 when they lost 2-1 to Fulham, 3-2 to Swansea, and 2-1 to Manchester United.

The 2011-12 season was Arsenal’s equal worst start to the season, winning once, drawing once, and losing twice for four points. That was the first time it happened since 1994-95. If Arsenal beat Bournemouth then they will be on seven points after four games, but if they lose then it will be their worst ever start to a Premier League season.

So how will the Gunners fare against Bournemouth? In their position history says they’re likely to bounce back with a win but if they lose it will put them in unfamiliar water. Waters where for Arsene Wenger it’ll be sink or swim.

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