Does Toby Alderweireld have a future at Tottenham?

Since arriving at Tottenham in 2015 Belgian defender Toby Alderweireld has become one of the most reliable players in the league, consistently performing for this team. However, his future with the club is in doubt after Spurs were offered an ultimatum: Extend his contract past 2019 or put him on the transfer list. So let’s take a look at the figures, does he deserve a new deal?

Alderweireld’s advisor Stijn Francis has told media that his statistics are impressive, while the man himself says he has improved but have they? We can’t deny he is impressive, but we can see that his 2016-17 season was not as good as his 2015-16 campaign.

Alderweireld in 2016-17

  • 30 matches
  • One goal
  • Seven chances created
  • 28 shots
  • 1224 passes (83 per cent accuracy)
  • 32 tackles
  • 44 headed duels won
  • 167 clearances
  • 24 interceptions
  • 22 blocks

Alderweireld in 2015-16

  • 38 matches
  • Four goals
  • 10 chances created, two assists
  • 40 shots
  • 1519 passes (80 per cent accuracy)
  • 32 tackles
  • 59 headed duels won
  • 294 clearances
  • 66 interceptions
  • 33 blocks

It is worth noting that the 6’2 defender missed several matches due to injury last season, his stats were not as good as his first campaign at the club and his form after three matches this season has been good but we won’t be able to compare them until May, when the former Atletico Madrid defender has completed his stay at Tottenham.

Colombian Davinson Sanchez was signed for a club record $68 million on a six-year deal, and Spurs also snagged 19-year-old Argentinian Juan Foyth (another centre back), so Pochettino obviously has big plans for the team that might not include Alderweireld. Sanchez’s form is possibly good enough to take his position now given his strong 2016-17 campaign with Ajax, statistically having just as good or an even better season.

Sanchez in 2016-17

  • 31 matches
  • Six goals
  • Seven chances created
  • Two assists
  • 31 shots
  • 1954 passes (89 per cent accuracy
  • 31 tackles
  • 65 headed duels won
  • 153 clearances
  • Six blocks
  • 61 interceptions

If he continues in this form this season, Alderweireld will deserve a new deal and a fourth season at the club, but with players on the rise and clubs reportedly showing interest, he may not stay long enough to receive one.

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