Manchester City are in total domination mode

It was Manchester United who raced away into the sunny side of the Premier League leader board, however their arch-rivals Manchester City stalked their entire trip and have now caught up to also enjoy a little vitamin D. Both clubs have won five and drawn one, and are locked on 16 points each, but it is Pep Guardiola’s side that are achieving the most individually in several different categories. 

Let’s start with goals. As we know Romelu Lukaku got off to the perfect start for the Red Devils after making the switch from Everton, but now his half dozen goals has been equalised by City’s Sergio Aguero. If we dive a little deeper, Raheem Sterling swims by with five goals and then deeper still there is Kevin De Bruyne on four goals. In fact the next Manchester United player is Anthony Martial with three goals, but even that is levelled by Leroy Sane from Manchester City.

The story reads very much the same in terms of assists. Henrikh Mkhitaryan was creating absolutely everything for Manchester United and he has recorded himself five assists in six games. That just simply had to be beaten though, and David Silva stepped up for Manchester City by notching six. The next Red Devil’s advocate is Paul Pogba with two, but in-between the Frenchmen and Mkhitaryan is Aguero and De Bruyne.

Having checked and doubled checked all the categories, it is actually quite hard to find a Manchester United player leading any of them. Passes completed goes to David Silva, through balls belongs to De Bruyne, in fact the only area a Manchester United player is solely leading is in the goalkeeping department. That’s right, arguably their most consistent player over the last few years David De Gea has kept five clean sheets, better than anyone else in the Premier League.

It gets better still for the Red Devils, because it means their entire back-line is also included in this equation, all ahead of Manchester City.

However, as we mentioned at the top, the bottom line is Manchester City are looking the more dominate of the leading two. They have matched Manchester United on almost every area as a squad, while they are winning just about all bouts individually. Unfortunately, there is still quite a wait before the two Manchester clubs can go toe-to-toe, and given the time frame there is no telling what the Premier League landscape will look like. The likes of Chelsea, Tottenham or Liverpool could rise, hell maybe even Arsenal.

As it stands though, Manchester United and Manchester City are looking untouchable and given they are three points clear of Chelsea there isn’t much point in arguing against that. However, when you look at both with a fine tooth comb, the sky blue half seem to slightly edge it, the Premier League table even backs that up. It is an exciting time for anyone neutral to these clubs, actually disregard that, it is just an exciting time period.

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