Mohamed Salah isn’t even hitting his potential yet

Liverpool may have made their best signing in years, and that’s including the capture of Luis Suarez and Philippe Coutinho. Mohamed Salah became scored twice in Liverpool’s comfortable win over Southampton, and in doing so he became the brand new league leader on the goal scoring charts, surpassing Sergio Aguero and Alvaro Morata. But there is a lot more to this Egyptian and Liverpool fans should brace themselves for a goal feast.  

That’s right, Salah is now the leading goal scorer and easily taking the spotlight away from Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino and Coutinho this season. The Egyptian scored a brace from five shots against Southampton, and while one was spectacular the other was extremely satisfying if you are wanting Salah to unleash a clinical appetite in front of goal. This is the area where Salah needs to improve the most, and it might finally be happening.

If you take a glance at his shot to goal ratio, Salah would be considered as an under-performer, yet he is the top goal scorer. In total, the Egyptian has scored nine times from more than 40 shots on goal. That’s not a good look, but it kind of is at the same time, and just think if Salah did find that clinical goal scoring pedigree. Liverpool would undoubtedly be further toward the top of the league and Salah individually would more than likely be well clear of his closest competitors on the charts.

Why? Why does Salah miss the sheer amount of opportunities? It’s strange because the sort of goals he does score have all the technique of a world class finisher. At times, it looks as though he has a lack of self belief at the pivotal moment, or he takes one more touch than he needed to. This could be because of his time with Roma last season, and not to throw shade on Serie A, but the English Premier League certainly runs a tad quicker overall, and those extras seconds to ready yourself for that shot are non-existent.

Salah is in an adjustment period, and that’s scary and amazing depending on what team you support. He looks as though he is beginning to adapt his style of play to the Premier League’s brutality, and as we have mentioned earlier, if that is true, than what is coming is far more exciting than what we have been admiring already. Liverpool supporters were pleased and perhaps a little sceptical when they announced Salah signing on, but that have fallen in live with the Egyptian and he may be the envy of the competition, especially Chelsea seeing as they threw him away.

We hate the term, “watch this space”, but it fits quite snug with Salah’s potential. He is already exceeding expectations, but those expectations should be a lot higher because they potential he has in a goal scoring capacity is more like Sydney’s Centre Point Tower, than the tall skyscrapers that surround it.

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