Statistically, how do promoted sides fare in the Premier League?

Premier League veterans Newcastle and virgins Brighton & Hove Albion and Huddersfield Town are set to embark on the 2017-18 Premier League season with the hopes of not having to go back to the Championship next season with less exposure and money to be made. To see who’s going to survive the drop let’s take a look at how the newly promoted sides have fared in the Premier League.

Newcastle United
UEFA Champions League and Europa League winning manager Rafa Benitez will lead Newcastle into their 23rd Premier League season after winning the Championship in 2016-17. If history tells us anything the team that qualifies for the Premier League has a very strong chance of staying up. The last time the Magpies went down, they returned the season after and spent six more seasons in England’s top flight.

The Championship champions have survived 15 times only being relegated on eight occasions. Cardiff in 2012-13 are the last team to be relegated from finishing in first position. Cardiff are also one of only four teams to go from first in the Championship to last in the Premier League. In 1992-93 Newcastle set the record for highest finishes in their first season back in the PL finishing in third position.

Brighton & Hove Albion
Brighton & Hove Albion will be embarking in their maiden Premier League voyage and will hopefully play Socceroo Mat Ryan in goals but how do second placed teams in the Championship fare in the Premier League? Well they have the same chances of surviving as Newcastle, only eight teams have gone down after finishing second, however, the second place team has been relegated twice in the past three seasons.

Nottingham Forest in the 1993-94 season matched Newcastle’s record of finishing third in their first season after being promoted, that is the highest the second place team has finished.

Huddersfield Town
While Australians will be keen to see Mat Ryan potentially stop the likes of Harry Kane and Sergio Aguero scoring on a weekly basis, Huddersfield will give Aaron Mooy the opportunity to chance his arm against the best midfielders in the world. The Terriers have also qualified for their first season in the Premier League.

Huddersfield are only the fifth team to qualify through the play-offs after finishing sixth in the Championship, three of the four teams prior have been relegated immediately. Their chances aren’t as high, the third team to be promoted have been relegated 15 times. Ipswich Town finished the highest coming in fifth in 2000-01.

What else you need to know

    • The three teams to come up have only stayed up twice (Queens Park Rangers, Norwich, and Swansea in 2011-12, and Fulham, Blackburn Rovers, and Bolton Wanderers in 2001-02)
    • In 1997-98 Bolton Wanderers, Barnsley, and Crystal Palace were all relegated following their promotion the season before, that is the only time that has happened in Premier League history.
    • Brighton and Huddersfield will become the 48th and 49th team to compete in the Premier League
    • This is the first time two of the sides promoted will be making their debut in the league at the same time

Can you name every club to win Premier League promotion? Test your knowledge below.

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