Top Five: Least successful A-League players

Central Coast Mariners defender Harry Ascroft has departed the club to complete a deal with Maltese Premier League side Balzan FC. The 22-year-old signed for the regional town in 2015 and made 34 appearances, scoring four goals. Ascroft failed to make an appearance for the club this season meaning he failed to improve on one of the worst records in A-League history.

Harry Ascroft actually leaves the A-League with four wins from 34 matches. A winning percentage of 11.76 per cent which is the the third lowest percentage in A-League history. He also won the equal second fewest amount of wins. Let’s take a look at the others.

5. Matt Sim
Matt Sim spent a couple of years in the A-League, making his debut for the Central Coast Mariners in February 2014, and playing his final match for the Western Sydney Wanderers in March 2016. In the 29 appearances he made he only won four giving him a winning percentage of 13.79. Sim went 12 matches without a win between October 2014 and January 2015, and 11 without a w from February 2015 to his departure in March 2016.

4. Mark Hughes
Mark Hughes only played one season in the A-League, unfortunately for Hughes it was the longest (30 matches) and he played for North Queensland Fury who had one of the worst seasons in A-League history (which led to them folding). Hughes only won four out of 30 matches for a percentage of 13.33. Hughes went 11 matches without a win from Round 19 to Round 30.

3. Brad McDonald
Brad McDonald is on the list having won four of 34 matches in his A-League career. It’s no coincidence because McDonald was apart of North Queensland’s 2010-11 season and the Central Coast Mariners’ 2015-16 season. Two of the worst seasons in A-League history. His 11.76 puts him equal with Ascroft (who was also apart of the Mariners 15-16 season). McDonald also went 11 matches without a win from Round 19 to 30 in the 2010-11 season as part of North Queensland Fury.

2. Edson Montano
Speaking of players being apart of a bad season. Ecuadorian striker Edson Montano was on loan at the Newcastle Jets during the 2014-15 where the club won three of 27 matches giving him a 11.11 winning percentage. Montano played in all those matches scoring six goals. Montano went 10 matches without a win twice in that season before leaving when his loan deal expired.

1. Michael Neill
Michael Neill has made the most appearances out of anyone on this list. But Neill only won five from 46 matches he played for the Central Coast Mariners between 2014-17. His 10.87 winning percentage is the lowest in A-League history. Neill went 15 matches without a win between February 2015 and November 2016.




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